Club house for Lagardère Racing Club, Bois de Boulogne



The theme of the project and its guiding light is a play of contrasts between old and new, between activity and relaxation, movement and rest, between the clinical character of the sports facilities and a venerable institution’s patina.

The club’s new image is relaxing, with the dominant use of shades of white. The creation of a glazed atrium brings nature into the building, extending and highlighting the wooded parkland site.

The project also gives the clubhouse a new identity: an establishment turned towards the environment. The atrium assumes the role of a hotel lobby: a space for circulation, relaxation and socialising, check out It creates a new visibility for the whole of the clubhouse. It accommodates the reception area, a shop and a bar. Fitted out with large comfortable sofas, and soft, relaxing lighting, wood, leather and stone finishes contrast with the areas dedicated to physical exercise.