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Training centre for apprentice furniture makers, 36 housing units, Paris



In the density of an old Parisian neighbourhood where small atelier businesses thrive, on a triangular site at the heart of the 11th arrondissement, this project, exemplary for its urban character, is a mix of workshops and housing.

It uses the depth of the block to create a pedestrian thoroughfare and a green space onto which the main teaching building looks, a glazed curve that extends upwards towards the aluminium-clad apartments.

This shaping of the staggered facades responds perfectly to the urban constraints, check out The furniture workshops benefit from top lighting via skylights alternated with planting. Intimate but also open, friendly but also hidden away, this little piece of city within a city, clad in shiny glass and aluminium, brings a breath of modernity, as much from its technology as its organisation, to a neighbourhood more traditionally associated with a mix of stone, render and brick.