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Ile-de-France Photovoltaic Institute, Palaiseau



The IPVF (Ile-de-France Photovoltaic Institute) project, a single, independent volume, fits into a rigorous urban and landscaped composition. Its careful, qualitative spatial organisation is part of enhancing the image of the Paris–Saclay science and technology campus.

As a result of a demanding brief, the project is organised into a compact building. Nonetheless, the single volume accommodates a duality between the high-tech area that houses the cleanrooms, arranged around two services shafts, and the offices around an atrium.

The envelope of the IPVF building forms a luminous shell that hints at internal activity. Light filters into the building via the central atrium space, a convivial heart to the building that marks the boundary between laboratories and offices. Openings are made in the facade following a grid based on horizontal and vertical meeting points, forming a composition reminiscent of abstract geometrical painting 'Le Rythme du Millimètre' by French artist Aurélie Nemours.