School of dentistry, Reims University Hospital



As the first stone laid in the overall master plan, the school of dentistry plays a role in unifying the whole site, the building’s character conveying its position as a centre for high-quality medical care and teaching.

The project gives importance to first impressions. From the main entrance onto the site, visitors are guided naturally towards a large transparent hall, whose atmosphere is quiet and reassuring.

The auditorium rises up like a vertical beacon, reinforcing the pedagogical vocation of the university hospital. The upper volumes play with materials, alignments and heights, creating a signature for the building and providing a reference point that is visible throughout the hospital.

The large, homogenous floor plates, structured by the circulation spaces that cross them, provide great flexibility and enable the reorganisation of the building, find out here now. Functionally, the project is built around three powerful ideas: to ease patients' movement around the site, to simplify and make it safer for the staff to carry out their work, and to create a welcoming environment.