Princess Grace of Monaco hospital, 2nd competition


This competition project demonstrates our architectural approach in the way it marries the extraordinary complexity of a hospital with the vibrant urban life of Monaco. It is the culmination of our research into a humanist architecture, whose qualities make the close link between medical personnel, patients and the city.

The conditions are extreme: a 30m height difference, a plot 16 times smaller than the surface area to be built, crossed by two public roads and bordered by a working hospital. From this complexity come simple, efficient and reliable solutions.

Nature and light: to free up a large sunny garden between the hospital and the mountain to extend Monaco’s Exotic Garden. The site comes alive in the play between lush nature and built surface.Viewpoints: to create shady places for looking out to sea, interlinked by panoramic avenues, footpaths, panoramic lifts. The urban promenade becomes an architectural promenade.

Urban windows: building a vertical volume, distanced from neighbours to free up the visual apertures so characteristic of Monaco, urban windows looking out to sea.

Density: a property investment for the future in a site-efficient project.

Freedom: the edifice, which is unified by a sensitive, reflective glass envelope, forms a link in the urban and topographical diversity of Monaco. It belongs to it, merging with it, absorbing it and sending it back its own image.


Principality of Monaco – Département de l’Equipement, de l’Environnement et de l’Urbanisme

Project cost (

358 M€ (2013 value)


90 000 sq.m.



Competition entry, not selected
Lead architect


Executive architect


Consultant architect


Engineering consultant


Environmental consultant


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