François Quesnay Hospital


Like a white boat moored at the quayside on the banks of the river Seine, dominating a vast natural landscape, this 400-bed hospital is the urban backbone of the Fourré valley, in Mantes-la-Jolie.

Today’s patients expect safety and comfort, doctors want optimal work conditions, and their managers apply business principals. The project responds to these requirements with technical sophistication, a rational organisation, accessibility and transparency to aid communication, speed of intervention and an outstanding quality of accommodation.Added to this is a constant drive for economy that was facilitated by careful coordination and continuous communication with the client. Technical sophistication, coherence, modularity, and future flexibility are the qualities of this great ‘ship’. To efficiency and rigour are added light, generous spaces, clarity and a subtle relationship with nature: this attentive humanity is what everyone, whatever their role, has the right to expect when they come into a hospital.


Boulevard Sully, RN 13, 78200 Mantes-la-Jolie


Hôpital général François Quesnay

Project cost (

58 M€ valeur 1992


40 000 m² HO

Scope of services

Standard public works contract






coherence and rationality, reliability, modularity and future flexibility, transparency and links with the surroundings, quality accommodation

Lead architect


Engineering consultant

C.I.E.T Inter G

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