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Interdisciplinary research cancerology Institute called ONCOLille, Lille


2019, project not carried out

The new OncoLille building, located at the north entrance of the Lille CHU is of course a strong signal. This building is in complete harmony with its environment, thanks to its location, design and contemporary architecture. It is an attractive place, with a symbolic shape expressing welcoming opened arms and transparency allowing seeing the research activity.

With beautiful trees already on site, a planted square creates the campus identity in front of the building entrance. The ambition is to establish a link between the research lab, the hospital and the Oscar Lambret clinic.

To group together several interdisciplinary research teams in a new working place offers the occurrence of fruitful collaboration. The architectural project favors the serendipity and contributes to the synergy of people : general hall prolonged by the cafeteria and meeting rooms, central atrium, working spaces and open-spaces… The project also allows the tours inside the building where researchers can meet and discuss.