Léopold Bellan geriatric hospital, Paris



The new Léopold Bellan Hospital, on the site of Saint Joseph's Hospital, displays a truly urban facade, welcoming the public. Anchored in the history of the site, its powerful identity is ensured by a single volume built entirely in brick – an expressive material – to ensure the gentle transition between the new building’s resolutely contemporary architecture and the historic 19th-century hospital campus.

The architectural project aims to encourage contact between patients and their families by creating calm living spaces that are reassuring for older people and favour communication with staff and families.

The units are designed to enable movement: areas for leisure, for relaxing, activity rooms, a sitting room, and a therapy kitchen. These spaces promote sociability, and foster the patients' relationships with the outside world, encouraging them to leave their bedrooms. Visual openings provide exterior views. Centralised treatment and activities areas simplify the staff's work, reducing distances and keeping the circulation and entrance areas in view.