Physiotherapy and workplace rehabilitation centre, Le Belloy

Le Belloy


The establishment is situated in a wooded, agricultural area. It is made up of a series of buildings that vary in both scale and architecture, resulting in the juxtaposition of very different constructions – an indication of the evolution of activity.

This new project aims to unify the ensemble via one clearly readable, functional building. The project rethinks the central entrance to create a focal point at the heart of the centre.

Insulated on the exterior, the facades are clad in a timber screen 'double skin', an assembly of randomly spaced vertical elements that filter views into the building, particularly for the treatment rooms. Directly accessible from the physiotherapy unit, a terrace planted with climbing plants softens the transition between the building and its surrounding woodland.

The surroundings of the buildings have been thoughtfully re-landscaped; planted and tree-filled gardens crossed by footpaths provide places for relaxing.