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Nanobiology laboratory, CEA, Grenoble



The Nanobio department is a new part of the development of the vast site occupied by the CEA (Atomic Energy Research Centre). Situated on the edge of the site alongside a new road that links to the Vercors bridge, the centre is an integrated part of the city.

To the south, through its placing on the site, the Nanobio building is positioned to align with and thus extend the line of an existing building, creating an urban facade. This continuity of facades structures the new boulevard.

The extension of the second phase follows the same logic of alignment. In this huge site with its variety of architectural styles and periods, the Nanobio centre assumes its own identity, visit Its architectural language promotes an image of scientific rigour.

The building’s architecture is not an end in itself; priority is given to its technical and functional suitability, specific to scientific work. At the same time the architecture favours communication between researchers in different disciplines. Within its unifying building envelope, the Nanobio centre provides a great variety of spaces for meeting, bathed in natural light. The entrance hall, ideal for informal interaction, extends over two levels. The cafeteria is at the heart of the building and opens onto a large, planted courtyard providing a complete change of scene. Meeting rooms are designed like little houses within this garden.